LNB Enterprises

Turning Your Vision
Into Reality

LNB Enterprises is a collective of professional and experienced designers, architects, and engineers committed to a singular vision of meeting clients' needs and their projects.

Nils Bjelde, the owner of LNB Enterprises, and our project staff have over 30 years of experience in Arizona, California, and throughout the southwest region.

LNB Enterprises


Feeling called to create a company centered on high-quality design and honest work, Nils founded LNB Custom Designs 13 years ago. His passion to create practical and motivated solutions for those around him has driven him to deliver exceptional results all 43 years that he has been in the industry.
“I get to use my God-given talents to create things that people both want and need.”


Ed is the Lead Designer and Project Manager at LNB Enterprises. Ever since growing up in the steel city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ed has always considered “How can I make this better.” 38 years of outstanding drafting and design later, he still seeks to complete each design project better than the last. Ed has now been with LNB Enterprises for more than 5 years. Eager to serve others, he continues to be passionate about turning LNB’s clients’ dreams into a reality. Ed enjoys traveling as well as collecting and reselling classic trains in his free time.

LNB Enterprises
LNB Enterprises


Scott is a Job Captain at LNB Enterprises. With more than a decade of experience in architectural design, he sets himself apart by understanding the design process from start to finish, including when to dream and “push the envelope” for a client. His work at LNB Enterprises has reflected just that in his work ethic, attention to detail, and incredible designs. In his free time, Scott enjoys fishing, camping, and working on hot rods!


Kim is the office manager for LNB Enterprises. She has been responsible for keeping the office running smoothly, while offering top-tier customer service to LNB’s numerous clients for the last three years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends!

LNB Enterprises
LNB Enterprises


Leslie specializes in drafting and design and has been a CAD Designer for LNB Enterprises for three years. With over 27 years of design experience, she never tires of seeing the projects she drafts built, knowing that she played a large role in making a change for the better. In her free time, Leslie enjoys wood working, camping, and exploring Arizona!

What We Offer

We focus on building relationships one client at a time.

  • We work in a multitude of areas such as:
  • New residential designs
  • Home remodels
  • New commercial office
  • Tenant improvements
  • Industrial complexes
  • We have expertise and experience to design in traditional and contemporary architecture.
  • We design in cad and use 3d modeling to communicate the design to you.
  • We are adept at master planning small communities.
  • Our clients' wants and desires are of paramount importance to us.
  • We offer full-fledged guidance to our clients throughout the design process.
  • We focus on your budget and help to establish one if it has not been done.
  • We direct clients towards cost-efficient construction methods and the use of innovative exterior materials.
  • We carefully build a qualified team of design professionals to complete the process as per your project requirements.
  • To ensure your business facility meets the set guidelines and does not encounter any glitches, we work through home owner associations and ensure we review board approvals.
  • We manage all documentation during the construction phase.
  • We also provide construction administration services for all construction projects.
  • Lnb enterprises assembles teams qualified to meet clients' needs and ensure the design costs are kept at the minimum.