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Design, Draft, & Administrative Construction Management

LNB Enterprises
LNB Enterprises

Commercial & Residential Construction Management Services in Arizona

At LNB Enterprises, we believe that great companies are built on the foundation of an excellent workspace. We understand the significance of getting it right when constructing a facility for your business. But often, in the absence of proper expertise, and planning constructions run into snags, budgetary overruns, compromising the integrity of the entire project, resulting in a facility that does not meet your expectations.

At LNB Enterprises, our team is committed to providing integrated professional services supporting all aspects of design, drafting, and construction management. We ensure your construction project kickstarts and ends without a hitch; we protect your interests every step of the way. We offer our services all over Arizona, but also take up projects nationally.

Client-centric Process

At LNB Enterprises, we ensure budgets are adhered to, deadlines are met, and the client's needs and wants are prioritized. We are not architects but work directly with them and get the permits that ensure your projects smooth progress.

LNB Enterprises
LNB Enterprises

Guidance Through the Design Phase

As a construction manager, LNB Enterprises represents its clients, develops, and implements plans to achieve success within budgetary and scheduling parameters. While designing a project, we focus on ensuring that the construction stays within your scope, budget, and schedule. In this phase we

  • Ascertain the project scope and schedule
  • Develop project budgets
  • Assist in the selection of the project design team
  • Assist in the sub middle process and in obtaining the required permits and approvals

Building Trust & Reputation

As a trusted and reliable design and construction management service provider, we pay attention to our clients' budgets or help them establish one. LNB Enterprises has a reputation for achieving projects on time and within budget.